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Reli L. German: Marcoses: ‘We’re also victims of fake news.’ Sagot sa kanila: ‘Wow, grabe! Ang kapal ng mga Mocha Nieto!!!’


If any immediate member of the late dictator’s family actually made that statement as recently reported in media, that individual should be sent pronto to the loony ward and made to take lessons on the subject of fake news. The lecturer? Who else but the admin’s ice cream flavor (ICF) of the month, you know who.

I am told that Ms ICF is, herself, being taught the ABCs of a person’s rights against self-discrimination, self intimidation, self indoctrination and yes, self incrimination. Hmmm.

But what do you know? It appears that, despite her brave assertions about her rights as a blogger, Ms ICF has been sufficiently chastised by the hectoring she got during the Senate hearing on the subject of fake news. Either that or she must be genuinely apprehensive about the administrative and criminal cases, including libel, filed by Senator Antonio Trillanes against her for allegedly spreading fake news about the lawmaker’s supposed bank accounts in several countries.

That fake news was precipitated by a fake bank account number that, President Duterte admitted, he pulled out of thin air “to bait” the senator. Well, Ms Mocha also unknowingly bit her boss’ bait.

So she’s now seen as trying to make amends with the senator as seemingly implied by the photo that came out in the newspapers the following day, showing her in a friendly pose with Trillanes whom she described during the Senate hearing, as “guwapo pala sa personal”.

Now what about that blogger RJ Nieto who arrogantly asserted during the same hearing that as a consultant, the Department of Foreign Affairs needs him more than he needs the DFA? Wow! How about that? Super kapal-Mocha din talaga! I wonder what Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano has to say about his appointee’s mind-set and demeanor. .

And speaking of baits, the Marcoses are also trying very, very hard to lure the public into snapping their offer to return part of the estimated $10 billion wealth, including a few gold bars, which the departed dictator filched from the government coffers. Of course, this is but part of a grand “papogi” political plan that, they expect, will propel them back to power via a Bongbong Marcos presidency.

Umaasa ang mga Marcos na walang alinlangang kakagatin ng sambayanan ang pain nilang ito. But this can only happen if the greater majority of our people inexplicably gets afflicted with amnesia about the horrors of the Marcos regime and sends Bongbong to Malacañang in the 2022 elections. And that’s assuming that he loses his ongoing election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.

As for the offer to return a part of the stolen wealth, let’s not forget that this supposed “good news” was initially conveyed to the president who could himself be deceived by what may ultimately turn out to be fake news.

People must realize that the Marcoses are only creating political noise favorable to them.

So let’s all beware. Baka mapeke tayo!