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Reli L. German: “We Shall Return” (Some Gold Bars and to Political Power)


On October 20, 1944, US Army General Douglas MacArthur landed in the Red Beach in Palo, Leyte with a massive naval force to help liberate the Philippines from the grip of the Japanese Imperial Army.

The landing was in fulfilment of the “I Shall Return” promise that he made on March 21, 1942 in Melbourne, Australia after escaping from the Philippines which was then about to fall to the invaders from the Land of the Rising Sun.

These days, Leyte is somehow figuring once again in our consciousness because of another “Return” … an unwelcome one.

A week ago, President Duterte made a startling, puzzling and disturbing announcement that the Marcos family had sent feelers about their offer to “return” part of what was euphemistically termed in a news report as “unexplained wealth.” The President said a spokesman of the Marcoses told him that the family was willing to open everything and to return wealth, including “a few gold bars.”

As everyone knows, a huge amount of wealth was stolen from government coffers over a period of 20 years by a conjugal kleptocracy, one partner of which was former First Lady and Metro Manila Governor, former Congresswoman of Leyte and now three-term Congresswoman of Ilocos Norte, Imelda Marcos.

The amount of this wealth is estimated at no less than $10 billion — or more than P510 billion at the current peso-dollar exchange rate. This huge sum could have lifted millions of poor Filipinos from their miserable condition. And if we are to adopt a cynical view, the interest alone of the amount would be more than enough to afford a life of luxury for the countless kaapo-apohan of the late dictator and his flamboyant widow

It’s no secret that the dictator’s son, Bongbong, had vowed that “We Shall Return.” He has never wavered in his plan to get back to political power. This is why he’s deadset in winning the election protest he filed against Vice President Leni Robredo who, he claims, cheated him of the Vice Presidency in last year’s election.

Taking into account Bongbong’s political ambition, it’s quite obvious that the offer to return part of the stolen wealth is actually a maneuver. to create a favorable public reaction and an environment of goodwill that, they hope, will lead to a total and absolute rehabilitation of the Marcos name. And an eventual return to Malacanang.

Their “We Shall Return” master plan is now in motion.

Sadly, it just might work as so many of us seem to be inflicted with collective amnesia about the sins of the dictator, which explains why Imelda, Imee and Bongbong have succeeded in getting themselves elected to positions of political power.

Let’s not forget, September 21 is the 45th anniversary of the Marcos declaration of Martial Law.

Isasauli ang ninakaw na yaman? Ano ba ang ibig nilang palabasin? Na hindi kinulimbat kundi HINIRAM lang ang yamang ito at ngayon ay buong puso nilang isasauli – out of the goodness of their hearts? Nakakasuka, hindi po ba? Taongbayan ang dapat magmura at hindi yung kakampi ng mga Marcos.
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