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Oscar Franklin Tan says criticism of Isabelle Duterte’s photo shoot is stupid: She didn’t violate a law or work in gov’t

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Critics of Isabelle Duterte’s pre-debut photo shoot in Malacañang only proved their ignorance of the law when they accused he of violating Executive Order No. 310 (2004) by posing near the presidential seal.

Tan, a law professor at the University of the East, said slamming Isabelle for taking photos near the presidential seal “makes no sense” since the order “governs placing the sesl in officed and stationery.”

“Legalistic haters really argue that every selfie with a presidential seal is illegal, an obviously nonsensical conclusion,” he said.

Tan emphasized the shallow basis of the criticism against Isabelle by pointing out that the executive order she supposedly violated can be withdrawn by the President anytime.

“Third, it prescribes no penalty anyway, and Isabelle is not a public official who may face administrative charges,” he said.