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US President Donald Trump’s approval ratings were lower compared with those of his recent predecessors in the early days of their presidency, according to a new survey.

The survey was conducted from February 7 to 12 by the nonpartisan fact tank Pew Research Center based in the US capital.

“Overall, 39% say they approve of how Trump is handling his job as president, while 56% say they disapprove and 6% do not offer a view. Job ratings for Trump are more negative than for other recent presidents at similar points in their first terms,” the Pew Research Center found, among others.

At the same time, it said that few of these former presidents saw their approval ratings improve in the early years of their term while those of others fell.

Most blacks, Hispanics, postgraduates, college graduates, women, and young adults aged 18 to 29 “strongly disapprove of Trump’s job performance,” the fact tank also found.

“When it comes to specific issues, Trump receives negative ratings for his handling of terrorism, immigration and foreign policy; his ratings on the economy are more evenly split,” it added.