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President Duterte, also known as “The Punisher” for his brutal anti-crime advocacy, has a new BFF and he’s from Hollywood.

American action star Steven Seagal did not skip the chance to tag along with the Philippine leader in a recent visit to Jolo, a known stronghold of the notorious Abu Sayyaf group. Seagal, currently in the country to shoot a film, tried to boost the morale of the Filipino soldiers as they battle Islamic State-linked militants in the area.

“The main thing that we keep in our mind and heart is we don’t win this battle today, we don’t win this battle tomorrow. This is a fight that’s gonna be a long long fight but the idea is to annihilate the enemy through attrition,” he said.

“I hope I can be involved with all of you in this war against all of these evil things,” said the veteran martial arts actor.