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Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta has been asked on Thursday (Dec. 3) to temporarily persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) who are vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus through the issuance of a Writ of Kalayaan.

In a letter addressed to Peralta, Kapatid spokesperson Fides Lim told the chief justice “to leave a lasting legacy before your early retirement on your birthday on March 27, 2021 by securing the promulgation under the Peralta Court of the Writ of Kalayaan.”

“The Writ of Kalayaan proposed by Justice Marvic Leonen provides an extraordinary legal remedy grounded on social justice and humanity to address the problems of jail congestion, subhuman prison conditions amid the continuing pandemic and violations of the rights of the people deprived of liberty,” Lim said.

“While we were upset by the Court’s remanding of our petition for the humanitarian release of at-risk prisoners during the pandemic, because this would mean another extremely long, arduous wait for us, the Writ of Kalayaan gives us hope that not all is lost especially for those of us with elderly and very sick kin saddled with numerous manufactured cases that may outlast them beyond the grave,” she added.

Assisted by Kapatid, 22 political prisoners including Reina Mae Nasino filed back in April a petition before the Supreme Court (SC) asking temporary release for being vulnerable to COVID-19.

However, the SC last September has decided to pass the ball to the lower courts in resolving the petition of the 22 political prisoners since it can be considered as “an application for bail.”

“It is never too late for the Court to exercise compassionate intervention in order to save human life. Please start the process now. Please do not deny us the opportunity which was forever lost to Reina Mae Nasino when her baby daughter passed away. Life is fleeting. We hope and pray that you will heed our appeal because if the Court of Last Resort denies us this avenue, where else do we turn to?” Lim pointed out.

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