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Paano na lang pasyente? PNP doctor dies from inhaling toxic fumes at COVID-19 facility

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By Nancy Carvajal

The autopsy of police captain Casey Gutierrez showed that he inhaled vapors corrosive to the respiratory system” when he worked at a facility for COVID-19 patients, a source from the National Bureau of Investigation told Politiko.

“There was diffused, very dark purple discoloration of the intra-luminal lining of the trachea or windpipe, which should have been normally pinkish,’’ the autopsy report said.

The late doctor’s family sought the help of the NBI to investigate the circumstances surrounding his death after the PNP supposedly issued a news blackout on the matter.

However, a police source told Politiko that Casey’s death is now being investigated and an order to review the “protocols in the management of quarantine facilities to avoid similar incident.’’

Gutierrez along with still unidentified five medical staff had difficulty in breathing and dizziness after they inhaled chemical substance while undergoing routine decontamination process o ftheir personal protective equipment on the evening of May 24, 2020 at the ULTRA after attending to COVID-19 patients temporarily housed in the stadium.

The police captain, a new recruit of the PNP Health Services died at the Lung Center of the Philippines, six days after the incident.

The PNP report said, Gutierrez died of organ complications and was on ventilators when he succumbed to his death before midnight on May 30.

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