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Pacquiao lectures Lascañas on ‘spiritual renewal’: Pinaglalaruan mo lang Senado


Senator Manny Pacquiao thinks retired policeman Arthur Lascanas is taking the Senate for a ride with his talk of “spiritual renewal” to justify his decision to betray his long-time boss President Duterte and implicate him in the Davao Death Squad (DDS) killings.

In a Senate hearing on Monday, Pacquiao gave Lascañas a brief lecture on what constituted spiritual renewal.

“Ang pagkakaalam ko sa spiritual renewal, takot ka na magsinunganling, gumawa ng kasalanan, dapat bible reader ka, at lahat ng sinsabi mo katotohanan. Ngayon dalawang testimony mo magkasalungat,” Pacquiao, who claimed to have heard the voice of God when he left his womanizing ways to become a born again Christian.

Pacquiao pointed out how Lascañas would make a barefaced lie in the Senate on October 3, 2016 or more than a year after he had a moral awakening last July 2015.

Pacquiao resented that Lascañas was just using the name of God to justify his 180-degree turnaround on his testimony.

“Ang para sa akin natatakot ako for you, ginagamit natin ung Panginoon para idahilan. Pinaglaaruan mo lang Senado,” said boxing champ.

Pacquiao offered to share his “true” spiritual encounter experience with Lascañas at a different venue to show him that this was not the moral awakening he was invoking.

But Senator Antonio Trillanes IV defended Lascañas said that his spiritual awakening referred to his decision not to take any more liquidation jobs from the DDS.

Lascañas said that he has not done any job after he was scared out of his wits when he faced the devil in his dream.

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