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Pacquiao Survives Jinkee’s Jealous Rage


Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao has no qualms about discussing his infidelity in public saying that he is a changed man now.

In an interview in “Tapatan with Tunying,” Pacquiao recalled how his wife Jinkee almost stabbed him because of jealousy and his other vices.

“It was a long time ago. We even got into a situation where she was holding a knife and I was holding a gun,” Pacquaio said when asked about the worst fight he had with Jinkee.

“I was a drunkard, gambler, womanizer and I always slur,” he said.

He said his two sons were also aware of his misconducts.

Asked what made him quit all his bad habits, Pacquiao recalled his worst nightmare that prompted him to start reading the Bible.

&ldquo I had a bad dream. I was running on a narrow road then I saw a room and I entered. The room was floating and I saw the world destroyed by an earthquake, the mountains were flattened and then the ground split apart. I saw fire, animals, trees and houses fell into a stream of fire. When I woke up, I read the Bible and that’s where it all started,” he said.

Pacquiao has changed his religion from Catholicism to Evangelical Protestantism.

He said his relationship with Jinkee has improved since he submitted himself to God.

“Now, Jinkee and I still fight but over petty things only. After five minutes, we are okay,” he said.

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