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Pahinging data! Ranhilio Aquino wants SUCs to have active role in Cha Cha


A member of the consultative committee tasked to review the 1987 Constitution has supported the proposal to involve state universities and colleges (SUCs) in Charter Change (Cha Cha).

San Beda Graduate School of Law dean Fr. Ranhilio Aquino said SUCs can be the source of data by the constitutional commission as it studies the proposal to shift to federalism.

Aquino said fiscal strength and ethnic cohesiveness should be among the considerations in determining how much power should be devolved to each region, which will be called a state under a federal setup.

To illustrate, he said the Muslim Mindanao region may be allowed to enact its own legal codes due to cultural and religious considerations, while there is no such need for the Ilocos Region.

For this endeavor, Aquino said data is vital.

“Those who are to craft and draft reforms must have such data as pertain to economics, fiscal management, resources, ethnography —empirical data that only thorough empirical research of which SUCs are clearly capable can provide,” he said.

Given the importance of Cha Cha, Aquino said Commission on Higher Education officer in charge Prospero De Vera Jr.’s appeal for the SUCs to take part in amending the Constitution “should be construed as a directive.”