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Palace exec berates PMA officials over courtesy given to Robredo


What was supposed to be a happy occasion for Philippine Military Academy (PMA) officials turned into a nightmare after a Malacañang official (MO) lashed out at them for opposing moves to make Vice President Leni Robredo out of place at the cadets’ graduation rites.

According to Politiko’s source, MO was not pleased with PMA officials’ resistance to certain officials’ plan to make Robredo sit at the edge of the stage so she cannot be seen by President Rodrigo Duterte.

They also bucked at moves to exclude the Vice President’s name from the program, saying Robredo should be given the respect due her office.

What infuriated MO more was that PMA officials mentioned the plan to sabotage Robredo’s appearance at the graduation rites to certain people, effectively putting the Palace executive in a bad light.

MO is probably not yet used to getting negative publicity since she was just appointed to her post a few months ago.

She is a relative of a defeated candidate, who will soon be getting a position in government courtesy of Duterte.