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Palace slams Inquirer editorial vs oust-Duterte matrices: Kulang sa common sense!

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By Prince Golez

Malacanang condemned Wednesday the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s editorial entitled “Panelo’s flimflammery” for lack of “common sense.”

The May 14 editorial scoffed at spokesperson Salvador Panelo’s unhappy response after a satire page on Facebook posted a meme showing him endorsing opposition senatorial candidates.

It also took note how Panelo backtracked the inclusion of TV personality Gretchen Ho and Olympian Hidilyn Diaz in the supposed conspiracy to destabilize the Duterte administration.

“It is not surprising though as this newspaper has a habit of twisting statements coming from the Palace and the President as well, and putting up screaming slanted headliners to put us in a bad light before its readers,” said Panelo in a statement.

The matrices linking opposition personalities, media outlets, and lawyers to an alleged ouster plot against the President, he added, was released not to deceive or confuse, but to inform the public about destabilization efforts to remove the President from his post.

“The matrices have been vetted to be true and as such, the Office of the President takes them seriously,” the chief presidential legal counsel said.

Panelo reiterated the inclusion of Go and Diaz on the oust-Duterte matrices was a case of “erroneous analysis” by some media outfits.

“If only media reporters took a closer look at said diagram, they will understand that the names of Mses. Ho and Diaz were included because they were being followed by Mr. Jayme in social media. Or if the reporters only asked the meaning of those lines in the diagram pointing to the names of Ho and Diaz before they made a hasty and wrong conclusion, they would have been told of its significance,” he said.

Panelo, on one hand, maintained that the circulation of the Facebook meme is “fake news.”

“An edited on-line image showing a bogus endorsement of Otso Diretso senatorial candidates and others from a member of the President’s cabinet can mislead gullible netizens who believe in what they see or read on the internet,” according to him.

Duterte’s abogado said they will leave it up to the investigating bodies to file charges against the people linked in the alleged plot to oust Duterte.

“After the recently concluded elections that showed the resounding victory of the administration’s candidates, the Palace wishes to start with a clean slate which is free from the opposition’s disinformation attacks, which includes the subject editorial from the Inquirer,” he concluded.

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