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Panalo sa paninira! Win Gatchalian slams Ressa for claiming ‘mass manipulation’ happening in PH

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A senator has finally called out Rappler founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Maria Ressa for relentlessly putting the Philippines in a bad light whenever she has the chance to speak to a wide audience abroad.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian expressed his frustration with Ressa after reading a tweet which quoted the Rappler CEO as saying that the Philippines “was the ‘petri dish’ for the testing of mass manipulation.

“If it worked, they then ‘ported it’ to western countries,” Ressa said.

Gatchalian tweeted: “Galing nito! Wala ng ibang ginawa kung hindi siraan bansa natin.”

Ressa responded by insulting Gatchalian, a graduate of Boston University.

“Dear Sen @stgatchalian, what have you accomplished? Where have you shown your independence? After all, you work for the people, right? What principles and values do you stand for? How far would you go to protect them?” she tweeted.

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