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Panelo on Duterte health: He is very strong!


By Prince Golez

If Spokesman Salvador Panelo were to believe, President Rodrigo Duterte, who had undergone endoscopy and colonoscopy weeks ago, is “very strong.”

“What I am very certain is, the results of the second procedure undertaken by him showed negative. And given his demeanor the last few days he is very strong,” Panelo, in a press briefing, said on Friday.

Asked how much access he has with Duterte, the spokesperson said, “I can always talk with the President. If there are certain issues that need to be clarified, I can ask the President.”

Also, Panelo downplayed reports Duterte is suffering from a serious illness.

It will be the doctors who will decide whether or not the illness is serious, not a politician, not me, or not even the President. The doctors will have to decide,” according to him.

“I guess when you say serious, it is life threatening. That would be the nearest definition to a serious illness – when the patient is threatened with the loss of mortality, and I don’t think the president is. Malayong malayo siya doon,” he added.