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Panelo says he too suffered from water crisis: Kasasabon ko lang, nawalan ng tubig!

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Presidential Legal Adviser Salvador Panelo might be one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s powerful Cabinet men but this didn’t exempt him from the water woes suffered by ordinary Filipinos.

Panelo said he was about to rinse himself after soaping when his hot shower suddenly ran out of water. He said his wife, Dr. Araceli Panelo, had to buy a pail so he could finish his bath but he complained the water was too cold.

“Kanina between us, I was taking a bath, kasasabon ko lang, nawala ang tubig, my goodness! Mabuti na lang, Doktora Panelo nagpabili ng mga balde, meron doon sa tabi kong may balde doon,” Panelo told Malacanang reporters in a briefing.

He added: “Kaya lang ang lamig naman. So, kailangan magpainit ka pa ng tubig, di habang inaantay mo iyong init ng tubig, kasi ang lamig eh, nasanay ka na sa mainit, grabe…Nawala. I said my goodness!”

When a reporter asked if he was able to complete his bath, the well-groomed Panelo replied: “Oo, kita mo naman, obvious ba?”

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