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Panelo slams De Lima’s remarks on Duterte, prays for her health: I pity her

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By Prince Golez

Senator Leila de Lima is “hallucinating” for urging President Rodrigo Duterte to declare his inability to discharge duties and let Vice President Leni Robredo take over, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said.

“De Lima must be hallucinating. (It) could be the result of her incarceration. I pity her. I’m praying for her health,” said Panelo in a statement Thursday.

De Lima, who is currently detained at the national police headquarters over drug charges, said Duterte has resorted to attacking Robredo because his “fake promise” to rid the country of illegal drugs in six months failed.

“Duterte must first relinquish his post entirely to VP Robredo, who will then be Acting President throughout the over-acting phase of Duterte’s spoiled brat persona, and not only take over law enforcement functions,” according to the former justice secretary.

Duterte earlier offered Robredo, who recently called on the administration to reassess its anti-narcotics campaign, to be his anti-drug czar to address the drug problem.

“You failed. And now you mock VP Robredo when you were the one who bragged everything is solvable with the 6-month Duterte formula of wishing that things would just fix themselves by the sheer power of your stupid jokes and equally idiotic ramblings,” de Lima said.

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