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Pang-gyera na? Duterte orders recruitment of 35 battalions or 3 times his original target

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President Rodrigo Duterte wants a bigger army to fight his war against insurgents and terrorists.

Duterte has ordered Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana to step up the recruitment of up 35 battalions of soldiers.

“We need men and as a matter of fact I have ordered Lorenzana to move faster sa creation ng mga bagong battalion sa army. We need — I need about… Ideally, I need about 35. But I could — I would be happy with 20 in the meantime,” said Duterte.

This is much bigger than what Duterte had previously announced – 10 new battalions of soldiers and another five for Special Action Forces (SAF). A battalion is composed of 300 to 500 soldiers.

“We are fighting the terrorists, ‘yung Abu Sayyaf. I’m losing my soldiers. It is expected. Pero nawa-wallop naman sila. I think my decision to send an entire division there… Kasi noon sporadic pero there was no clear advantage for government,” said Duterte.

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