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Pang-Instagram lang ang yaman! Politiko’s wife deep in debt


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Controversial politiko’s wife (PW) may have a reputation as a style icon, but she’s drowning in debt because of her lavish lifestyle.

Politiko’s source said PW owes millions to several people. One of her biggest creditors is a well-known personality in their bailiwick.

The luxury items that PW likes to flaunt on social media were all bought through credit from resellers, so she would barely turn in a profit even if she sells them.

Persons who have transacted with PW say she doesn’t usually pay cash for her purchases. However, they have been inclined to give her what she wants even if it’s through credit because they believed she would eventually pay up.

Is there a way out for PW? It seems she will have to buckle her Gucci or Hermes belt even tighter because their family is facing an even bigger financial headache.

The home PW shares with her husband was bought through a loan, which they have yet to pay off to this day.

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