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Panggulo ka! Roque tells Belgica to stay in his turf: You don’t speak for Duterte

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Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission Spokesperson and Commissioner Greco Belgica got a public lecture from Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on how government officials should stay within their boundaries and respect others’ turf.

Roque was peeved at Belgica’s press statement claiming that President Rodrigo Duterte would fire four Cabinet officials.

“Let me be very clear: He doesn’t speak for the Office of the President. What he has is a list of names that they apparently submitted to the President to be acted upon. But it doesn’t mean the President will adopt their findings. I just want to clarify, nakakagulo kasi eh. Tinatanong ako, sino iyong apat na iyon? Eh wala naman decision pa ang Presidente, “ said Roue in a press conference.

Roque said as PACC spokesperson, Belgia should be more truthful and announce that they have merely given the President a list of officials they wanted to be sacked for corruption.

“But ven before they were created, the President already has a list. Iyong sinasabi niyang apat na Gabinete, I have no information on that. That is their recommendation. That is not a decision already of the President,” Roque said.

Roque said he himself was unaware of the four names on the list because Belgica has not touched base with him.

Roque then went into professor mode and lectured Belgica on Malacanang’s centralized release of news.

“So I’m calling on—sino ito? Si … my client, Greco Belgica, please coordinate with my office. We have established information procedures in the Palace. So para hindi po nakakagulo, kasi may sinasabi si Presidente which, of course, people will listen to but maging malinaw lang kung ano ang mga pronouncements niya. Kung sinasabi niya may recommendation sila laban sa apat na Cabinet officials make it clear, it’s their recommendation; it’s not a presidential decision yet,” said Roque.