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Expect more lies in 2018 coming from the Duterte administration, the Liberal Party (LP) on Sunday said.

“How will the lies be promoted in 2018? By circumventing, if not actually violating the country’s fundamental law through Cha-cha (Charter change) or federalism or martial law so that some politicians can try to rule longer than allowed and that, we the people, won’t be allowed to choose our leaders,” the LP said in a statement.

“So let’s brace ourselves this coming year. This may be the fight for our nation’s soul. And we will fight with the only weapons we have: truth and justice. Katotohanan at katarungan,” they said.

The LP vowed no let-up in its bid to uncover the lies surrounding some of the most notable events that took place in 2017 such as the arrest of their party mate, Sen. Leila de Lima in February, the declaration of martial law in Mindanao in May and the killing of minors Kian delos Santos, Carl Angelo Arnaiz, Reynaldo de Guzman alias Kulot over alleged drug-related police operations.

“Hindi naging madali ang nagdaang taon para sa ating lahat. Maraming mga nakapanlulumong balita ang sumalubong sa atin,” they said.

The thread that binds these events were lies, the LP said.

The charges against De Lima were based on manufactured evidence, while the basis for the declaration as well as the one-year extension of martial law were also invented and the discredited idea that crime can only be solved by deadly shortcuts.