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Pants on fire! Winnie Monsod outs Roque as ‘brazen’ liar by fact-checking BBC interview


Former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Winnie Monsod has shown yet another proof of Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque’s lies when she debunked his claim clearing President Rodrigo Duterte of any liability over the Davao Death Squad’s (DDS) existence.

In her October 6 column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Monsod said she “nearly jumped out” of her seat when she heard Roque say in an interview with BBC reporter Howard Johnson that Duterte was cleared of any involvement in the DDS’ activities by United Nations Special Rapporteur Philip Alston in 2008.

Monsod said no less than Alston told Johnson in a letter that “Paragraphs 39 to 43 clearly implicate Duterte in the killings perpetrated by the Davao Death Squads.”

A check of the paragraphs mentioned by Alston showed he pinned Duterte down for the DDS’ activities.

“One fact points very strongly to the officially-sanctioned character of these killings: No one involved covers his face,” read Paragraph 39.

Alston said Duterte’s denial of any involvement in the DDS’ activities flies in the face of his resolve to stamp out crime in the Davao City.

For Monsod, no further proof is needed to pin Duterte down for the DDS’ activities based on Alston’s report.

“Harry, no matter how many times you use ‘clear’ or ‘cleared’ in your BBC interview, there is nothing in the Alston report that clears your principal. This seems to be proof positive that you can brazenly lie with a calm face,” she said.

Monsod suggested that Roque quit his post already since he has plans to run for senator.