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Paolo out of control: Duterte’s son forced to quit due to smuggling, fight with daughter

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Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte decided to resign from his post because he has had enough of the intrigues involving his former wife, Lovelie Sangkol Sumera.

A source told Politiko that Duterte fumed over how his name was dragged into the smuggling controversy within the Bureau of Customs earlier this year.

In August, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV released documents dating back to December 2007 from the Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group stating that the vice mayor was responsible for the smuggling of sport utility vehicles (SUVs), luxury vehicles, rice, sugar, and used clothes into Davao City.

The PASG memorandum mentioned that Duterte, together with his “Muslim wife” and a business partner, were also allegedly involved in the illegal importation of used clothes (ukay-ukay), rice, and sugar through the Davao Port.

Duterte has denied involvement in any illegal activity when he appeared at the Senate hearings in September on the P6.4-billion worth of shabu smuggled into the country.

While the proverbial storm over the smuggling controversy had passed, the vice mayor’s personal woes continued.

According to Politiko’s source, the last straw for Duterte was the fight he had with Isabelle, his daughter with Sumera, at a bar in Davao.

It was supposedly the confrontation between father and daughter which prompted Isabelle to tweet how Duterte “fucks up my Christmas every year.”

Isabelle, who recently had her share of controversy over her pre-debut photo shoot in Malacañang, was publicly berated by her father in a Facebook post.

In Bisaya, the vice mayor said he will not stand idly while someone tries to “pimp” his daughter. He also urged her to study so that her head will not be empty.

On Christmas Day, Duterte told shocked city councilors he was resigning effective Christmas Day because of controversies linked to Sumera.

Hinting that his former wife may have a hand in the controversies he was involved in, Duterte said: “The other person in this failed relationship is incorrigible and cannot be controlled. And I take responsibility for all that as a result of a wrong decision to marry at a young age.”