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Para focused si ma’am, sir: Poe wants students limited to 50 per classroom

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Senator Grace Poe wants to limit the class size to 50 students and compensate teachers mentoring over 35 students.

She filed on Nov. 25 Senate Bill No. (SBN) 1190 mandating the regulation of class size in public schools and prescribing additional compensation for teachers handling large classes.

Poe, chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Services, noted that classrooms in the Philippines are the “most crowded” in Asia.

She noted that the country’s public elementary school’s average class size of 43.9 is far bigger than Malaysia’s 31.7, Thailand’s 22.9, Japan’s 28.6 and India’s 40.

In public secondary schools, the country’s registered in average size of 56.1, higher than Malaysia’s 34, Thailand’s 41.5, Japan’s 33.9 and India’s 39.

“Oversized classes in the country’s public schools adversely affect the learning experience provided to Filipino school children,” Poe said.

She said that to ensure access to quality education, it is necessary to establish standards for class size.

Under SBN 1190 or the proposed Class Size Act a class size in excess of 50 students will not be permitted.

This bill states that any class exceeding 35 students up to a maximum of 50 students would be considered “a large class.”

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