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Para kayong mga pulis! Duterte ‘pardons’ PMA underclassmen for ‘multiple rape of the beautiful women of Baguio’

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President Rodrigo Duterte couldn’t help himself but crack a rape joke during the graduation ceremonies of the Philippine Military Academy class of 2019 on Sunday, May 27. As part of the annual tradition, Duterte was supposed to pardon the cadets for all their transgression during the course of their training.

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In his speech Duterte said he would grant pardon to the graduates for their transgressions during the stay in the Baguio City school – rape, rape with drugs, and multiple rape.

Duterte made the joke even though the graduating class had brilliant female members – five of its Top 10 graduating cadets, including the class topnotcher, are women.

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“Ano bang kasalanan ninyo? Okay lang — mga kasalanan ninyo okay lang. Pirmahan ko na?Eh… God… Sino ang nagkasala? Taas kamay. Ah hindi ako pipirma nito. You have to be… Show to me your face. Who are to be pardoned? [Pirmahan ko na? Eh… God… Sino ang nagkasala? Taas kamay. Ah hindi ako pipirma nito?” said Duterte.

“Para ring pulis ha. Natuto na kayo sa pulis ayaw mag-admita. Well, anyway I’ll pass you this time because I need good and capable soldiers and I know that one or two is bound to happen. Pero patawarin ko kayo,” he said.

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“The number one is for rape. P***** i**. Ang number two is drugs with rape with robbery. Para sa Muntinlupa ito. Pangatlo multiple rape of the women of Baguio, the beautiful ones. Sino ‘yan? Way moangkon. Okay. Better luck next time. You are all pardoned. Congratulations,” he added.

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