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Para mas magaan ang trabaho: Castro urges DepEd to hasten filling plantilla positions

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MANILA – To help ease teachers’ workload, ACT Teachers Party-list Rep. France Castro urged the Department of Education (DepEd) to address the ballooning number of unfilled plantilla items in the teaching, non-teaching and teaching related positions.

Castro said there is a whopping 63,035 total unfilled plantilla positions in the DepEd—12,206 of these are for non-teaching positions, 41,510 are for teaching positions and 9,319 are for teaching related positions.

Castro stressed that the 12,206 unfilled non-teaching positions “equate to teachers being forced to do clerical and other additional work because of the lack of education support personnel (ESP) on top of their teaching responsibility.”

“The number of unfilled positions in the Department of Education means that teachers have double the work to be able to meet the targets set by the education agency and provide quality education to our youth,” said Castro.

According to Castro, DepEd should realize that the ballooning number of unfilled positions “have adverse effects with the quality of education in the country.”

She added that DepEd gaining savings due to the ballooning number of unfilled positions “will not solve the perennial problems in our education sector.”

“Quality education is better than having savings due to having unfilled positions in the teaching, non-teaching and teaching-related positions,” said Castro.

She said DepEd should to hasten the filling up of positions of teaching, non-teaching and teaching related plantilla positions to ease the workload of teachers in schools.

“Education support personnel (ESPs) have vital roles on the quality of education for our youth… without them, teachers are forced to become teacher-nurses, teacher-janitors, teacher-clerks, teacher-librarians, teacher-property custodian, teacher-guards, among other tasks,” said Castro.

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