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Parang ‘di Secretary! Tatad compares Locsin to a scoop-hungry journo after false alarm on passport data loss

Former senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad has slammed Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin Jr. for showing “inexperience” after mistakenly claiming that the government’s form passport printer took all off the passport holders’ data.

Tatad, who covered the foreign affairs beat for several years when he was a reporter, said in his January 18 column that Locsin’s Twitter tirade was unbecoming of his position as the country’s top diplomat.

Instead of ranting on Twitter, Tatad said Locsin should have issued a formal statement on the supposed data breach and assured the public that the problem was being addressed.

“He would have been acting more like a foreign secretary than like a newspaper reporter who has just delivered a ‘scoop,’” the former senator said.

Earlier this month, Locsin claimed through tweets that the Department of Foreign Affairs’ former passport printer “ran away” with passport holders’ data after its contract ended.

Later, however, he clarified that the information was only “made inaccessible.”

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