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Parang gamit lang! De Lima seeks Senate probe of ‘babies for sale’ modus online

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Senator Leila de Lima on Wednesday deplored reports that syndicates have turned to social media to sell newborn babies for “as little as P300” across Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

De Lima has sought a Senate investigation on the alleged underground “babies-for-sale” trade that are being done both through online and offline transactions.

The detained senator recently filed Senate Resolution (SR) No. 224 to probe reports that babies are sold through online channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

De Lima said the government should urgently address the issue because it may lead to further crimes, such as illicit human organ trade, sex trafficking, child pornography and other abuses against children.

She expressed concern that such illicit trade endangers babies’ safety and makes them susceptible to exploitation and abuse.

“Despite the efforts of both the government and non-governmental organizations to address the illegal baby-for-sale trade, significant solutions remain to be elusive,” De Lima said.

“Poverty remains to be one of the main drivers in the prevalence of such atrocious illegal activity, and the continued proliferation of appalling activities relating to the exploitation, trafficking and abuse of babies,” she said.

Offline transactions reportedly occur outside public hospitals and in slum communities where, according to women in slum neighborhoods, 6 out of 10 women have “either sold or know someone who has sold a baby.”

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