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Parang Letterman lang: Bongbong Marcos interviews Enrile on martial law, EDSA

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“History was totally distorted to favor one group.”

Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile made this observation in discussing the nation’s history, including martial law and the EDSA revolution, during a two-part interview with former Senator Bongbong Marcos.

The first part of interview titled “JPE: A Witness to history” will be aired on Marcos’ Facebook page on Sept. 20, and the second will be shown on September 22.

“I’m 95 years old so with that span of time, you can just imagine I remember President Aguinaldo all the way to President Duterte. I’ve seen history from the time of the Americans all the way to now. History was totally distorted to favor one group,” Enrile told Marcos.

“Little by little the truth will come out,” said Enrile, former defense minister of Bongbong’s dad late President Ferdinand Marcos.