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Parinig kay Mocha? PIA’s Clavite urges public not to share fake news


BAGUIO CITY — With the emerging social media literacy in the country, Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Director General Harold Clavite is urging the public to first verify information before “sharing” it on social media to avoid spreading false information.

“Responsible sharing of information is not just an advocacy that starts with the government, nor with whoever runs social media platforms. It starts with you,” Clavite said in a lecture at the National Literacy Conference and Awards here on Wednesday.

The call is seen as an indirect jab at Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson who has been widely criticized for spreading fake news on government social networks. Clavite had previously called on Uson to take a leave of absence due to the fallout from her”Pepe-dede-ralismo” video.

He described a responsible social media user as someone who “provides and shares only the right information to empower people and communities.”

He said providing the right information would combat fake news circulating in any social media platform.

“We can spot fake news by considering the source, checking the date, reading beyond content, making a quick search on the author, checking personal biases, verifying supporting sources, such as the link, and consulting an expert,” he said.

For Clavite, what people share on their social media accounts reflects their personality.

He said verifying information before sharing it was an exercise of responsibility. (PNA)