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Pati birthday pineke? Ambeth Ocampo: Marcos’ centennial should’ve been in 2016

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Did the Marcoses change the birth year of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos as part of their efforts to rewrite history?

Ateneo de Manila University history professor Ambeth Ocampo said the centennial of Marcos’ birthday should have been marked in 2016 since he was born in 1916, based on documents from the Ilocos Norte registry of births.

As such, Ocampo said the commemorative stamp issued by the Philippine Postal Corporation this year to mark the late dictator’s centennial birth year was “a tad inaccurate” since he would’ve turned 101 years old.

“Someone should check this up with the National Statistics Office, for historians to know if his 1916 birth year was altered to have all milestones in his life contain his lucky number ‘7,’” Ocampo said in his November 17 column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The Marcoses held several events in Ilocos Norte in the days leading to September 11 to mark the supposed centennial of Marcos’ birth.

President Rodrigo Duterte also issued Proclamation No. 310 declaring September 11 a holiday in Ilocos Norte.