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Patok ang pagkain! Chicken sausage trends on Twitter as hotel denies serving kikiam to SEA Games delegates

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Food continues to be a hot topic on Twitter as netizens talk about the quality of the country’s hosting of the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games.

Chicken sausage trended on Twitter Wednesday (November 27) after the Whitewoods hotel in Tagaytay denied serving kikiam to SEA Games delegates.

Twitter user @AltABSCBN, who has been exposing problems during the SEA Games, said: “As if chicken sausage is better?”

Netizen @Kert89 tweeted: “IT’S NOT KIKIAM, it’s chicken sausage! Lol! Even so, the question remains: Is the kikiam-looking chicken sausage quality food for our athletes?”

Twitter user @joayxfortman said: “O kikiam daw. Chicken Sausage man gud. Check the facts friends before reacting! Sssss”

Netizen @dianawh0 tweeted: “Kikiam man yan or chicken sausage na mukhang kikiam, wala pa ring nutrients and wont help the athletes with their game or their health. Taena justify nyo pa talaga eh.”

Twitter user @calling_houston said: “If it looks like kikiam, tastes like kikiam, then most likely it is chicken sausage. Ganern!”

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