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Patok ang pananakot! Duterte’s satisfaction rating reaches new record high after lashing out at Ayalas, MVP

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President Rodrigo Duterte’s satisfaction rating reached a new record high in the fourth quarter of 2019, after he lambasted some of the country’s wealthiest people over the supposedly “onerous” water deals in Metro Manila.

Results of a Social Weather Station (SWS) survey showed Duterte received an “excellent” net satisfaction rating of +72 in December last year, up by seven points from the “very good” +65 rating he got in September 2019.

Duterte’s latest satisfaction rating surpassed his previous record high, a “very good” +68 in the second quarter of last year.

Of the 1,200 adults surveyed, 82 percent said they were satisfied with Duterte’s performance as President, while 10 percent were dissatisfied and eight percent were undecided.

The SWS terminology for net satisfaction ratings is as follows: +70 and above, “excellent”; +50 to +69, “very good”; +30 to +49, “good”; +10 to +29, “moderate”, +9 to –9, “neutral”; –10 to –29, “poor”; –30 to –49, “bad”; –50 to –69, “very bad”; –70 and below, “execrable”. SWS considers the movement from one classification to another as either an “upgrade” or “downgrade”.

SWS conducted the survey nationwide from December 13 to 16. It has a margine of error of ±3% for national percentages.

The jump in Duterte’s satisfaction rating came at the heels of his tirade against the Ayalas and businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan over the supposed “onerous” concession agreements signed by Manila Water and Maynilad with the government.

Manila Water is owned by the Ayalas while Pangilinan’s Metro Pacific Investments Corporation owns a controlling stake in Maynilad.

In a December 3 speech in Malacañang, Duterte fumed: “If Ayala and Pangilinan are your friends, kindly tell them, hindi naman ako lumabas, kung may magyaya sa akin…’pag mag-abutan tayo maski ilang bodyguard, ‘yung mukha mo, putang ina, kaya ko gawin ‘yan.”

The President was angry at Manila Water and Maynilad because a Singapore-based arbitral court ordered the Philippine government to pay the two water concessionaires close to P11 billion over the denial of their water rate hike petitions.

Maynilad and Manila Water eventually said they will no longer collect the arbitral award to appease Duterte.

The SWS survey found that the seven-point increase in Duterte’s satisfaction rating was due to increases in Balance Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao. His rating in Metro Manila stayed the same.

Satisfaction with Duterte was also up in all socioeconomic classes, particularly class E. His net satisfaction rating rose from very good to excellent in class E, at +71 in December 2019, up by 14 points from +57 in September 2019.

It also jumped from very good to excellent in class D or the masa, at +72 in December, up by 6 points from +66 in September.

Duterte’s satisfaction rating stayed excellent in class ABC, at +76.

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