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By Nancy Carvajal

Sulu policemen peppered the bodies of four soldiers with bullets, raising questions on the motive of the shooting.

Results of the autopsy conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), which was obtained by Politiko, showed the soldiers sustained several gunshot wounds at the back, abdomen and

Thirty-four shells were recovered in the crime scene, which matched the bullets from the 5.56 assault rifle and 9mm handgun issued to the policemen, according to the report.

Four soldiers were shot dead by policemen in Sulu in a supposed “misencounter” on June 29. The victims were identified as Maj. Marvin Indamog, was the commanding officer of the 9th intelligence service unit, Capt. Irwin Managuelod; Sgt. Eric Velasco; and Cpl. Abdal Asula.

Based on the NBI’s investigation, Indamog had the most number of gunshot wounds at eight, while Managuelod had three. Velasco sustained eight gunshot wounds to the back and extremities.

Asula’s body was not autopsied as it was immediately buried following Islamic tradition.

According to the police report, the soldiers were directed to go to a nearby police station for further verification even after they identified themsleves as military officers.

Cops claimed the soldiers tried to escape instead of heading to the police station, so they were chased. The soldiers allegedly pointed their weapons at the police, prompting cops to fire at them.

The NBI also found in its probe that the soldiers never fired their weapons, contradicting the policemen’s claim a shootout occurred.

The soldiers also tested negative for nitrates residue from firing a weapon.

An NBI source told Politiko that based on eyewitness accounts, one of the policemen placed a rifle near the body of a slain soldier after the supposed encounter.

Police officials identified the cops involved in the shooting as: Police Senior Master Sergeant Abdelzhimar Padjiri; Police Master Sergeant Hanie Baddiri; Police Staff Sergeant Iskandar Susulan; Police Staff Sergeant Ernisar Sappal; Police Corporal Sulki Andaki; Patrolman Moh. Nur Pasani; Police Staff Sergeant Almudzrin Hadjaruddin; Patrolman Alkajal Mandangan and Patrolman Rajiv Putalan.

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