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PE teacher, classmate, Mitra’s apo, Binay snooper: Find out the Cayetano 4 in the SEA Games corruption scandal

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Taguig Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano’s fingerprints are not only all over the shadowy foundation which President Rodrigo Duterte wants to be investigated for corruption in the overpriced hosting of the 30th Southeast Asian Games.

Cayetano also made sure that Four or half of the board of the Philippine Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee (Phisgoc) Foundation Inc. which he chaired are his allies and minions.

The Cayetano 4 in Phisgoc are Donaldo Caringal, Ramon Suzara, Monica Mitra and Dexter Estacio who stood out like a sore thumb in the tight-knit community of Philippine sports.

In a column, Tribune sports scribe Julius Manicad described the Cayetano 4 as “purely private individuals and sports outsiders who could not be held accountable to the funds being released by government.”

Manicad breaks down the members of the Cayetano 4 and how they are tied to the former senator:

1) Donaldo Caringal is Cayetano’s “boyhood pal at La Salle Zobel.”

2) Ramon Suzara is the Physical Education teacher of Cayetano and Caringal. “The former Philippine Superliga president whose ties with his volleyball colleagues were severed by financial issues and other accusations hurled against him.”

3) Monica Ann Mitra, grand daughter of the late Speaker Ramon Mitra and niece of Games and Amusement Board Chair Baham Mitra. “All we know is that she has his ear and you have to go through her first if you want to reach the lawmaker from Taguig, if at all.

4) Dexter Estacio.”A mere graphic artist at the Taguig City Hall. But he was elected as treasurer of Phisgoc who has control over the billions of pesos that the Foundation would raise through.” sponsorships, donations, subsidies and, yes, government money.

“He was also said to be one of the passengers of the helicopter that took aerial shots of the so-called Hacienda Binay in Rosario town in Batangas. The photos taken there played a crucial role in the demolition plot aimed at thwarting the Presidential bid of former Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay in 2016.”

Manicad said the Cayetano 4 “deliberately excluded him from the list of original incorporators ‘because we didn’t want complications of a government official being in (Phisgoc) board’.”

POC president Joey Romasanta confirmed as much when he revealed the POC board members or PSC commissioners were not included in the core group of the Phisgoc. Cayetano allegedly reneged on his deal to PSC chairman William “Butch” Ramirez and Vargas co-chairmen of the organizing committee.

“Phisgoc has been existing without the recognition of the POC,” said Romasanta. “Mr. (Jose) Cojuangco was ousted in February, then they incorporated Phisgoc in July of last year. We only found out its existence in March.”

“So it means that from July last year to March this year, they have been operating without board approval from the POC executive council,” said Romasanta in a statement.

“When we asked Mr. Vargas about it, all he did was to tender his irrevocable resignation. He didn’t shed light on his involvement. We’re still in the dark as to the activities and past dealings of Phisgoc Foundation,” he added.

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