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People want new faces in politics


Elizabeth Angsioco: The political twists and turns are entertaining, at times, comedic even. Sometimes it feels like somebody is directing all these scenes like in a movie. Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) chief Mar Roxas, known as the ex-future presidential candidate,  makes no bones about his continuing presidential ambitions. His Mr. Palengke gimmick in previous elections worked. Perhaps this is the inspiration for his photo-ops doing odd jobs, like a handy man. But these backfire because people see through them. MST

Elizabeth Angsioco: Then you have the possibility that Vice-President Jejomar Binay may be the Liberal Party ‘s (Roxas’ party) standard bearer in 2016. Remember when he successfully out-maneuvered and pushed Roxas out  from the vice-presidency? And Binay mounted a successful experiment last senatorial elections when he had daughter Nancy Binay, a political non-entity that time, run for the Senate. She won. To top it all, PNoy’s sisters made an extraordinary statement to the effect that they are good with Binay succeeding their brother. With this kind of support, how can Binay go wrong? MST

Elizabeth Angsioco: In all my conversations with ordinary people in different communities, the question that has always been asked is, “Wala na bang iba?” The people want new faces in politics. They want a dark horse to enter the arena. If we are fed up with the traditional politicians, if we want our right to choose to go beyond voting into office those who are already pre-selected by their ilk, then we, ourselves should search for our own candidate. MST

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