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Peralta boasts of quicker case resolution after SC changes trial guidelines

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Supreme Court (SC) Justice Diosdado Peralta boasted that the Revised Guidelines for Continuous Trial of Criminal Cases implemented in 2017 has sped up the resolution of criminal cases in trial courts.

“Due to the implementation of the Revised Guidelines, criminal cases in trial courts are now being resolved much faster compared to previous years,” Peralta said recently during a lecture he held in Manila.

Peralta cited that from September 1, 2017 to September 1, 2019, an average of 26.83 percent of first and second level trial courts successfully complied with the 180-day period for trial provided by law and the Rules of Court.

Prior the implementation of revised guidelines, Peralta lamented that the compliance rate was at only 1.76 percent.

Also with the new guidelines, the magistrate revealed cases are also being decided more swiftly with 71.1 percent of judgments promulgated within the 90-day period required under the Constitution.

Before, he said there was only a 36.91 percent rate.

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