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Peralta to monitor issuance of TROs, inhibitions: Dapat ‘di basta basta!

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Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta is set to impose strict monitoring of temporary restraining orders (TRO), writs of preliminary injunction (WPI), and status quo ante orders (SQA) and voluntary inhibitions issued by the Court of Appeals (CA), Sandiganbayan and Court of Tax Appeals (CTA).

Peralta has issued administrative orders which required these courts to submit to his office and the Office of the Court Administrator (OCA) all copies of TROs, WPIs, SQAs, and inhibitions starting March 1.

The chief justice instructed that the copies should be submitted within five days from the date these were issued.

“A court may issue an injunction only if it is fully convinced of its extreme necessity and after it has complied with the procedural requirements set by law,” he reminded.

Peralta also sought the submission of inhibitions to specifically address “persistent reports that some Justices and Judges have been voluntarily inhibiting from cases assigned or raffled to them on grounds that are neither just nor valid.”

With this, he reminded magistrates “to perform their judicial duties without favor, bias or prejudice” as mandated by Section 1, Canon 3 of the New Code of Judicial Conduct for the Philippine Judiciary.

He also told them to “carry out judicial duties with appropriate consideration for all persons, such as the parties, witnesses, lawyers, court staff and judicial colleagues, without differentiation on any irrelevant ground, immaterial to the proper performance of such duties under Section 3, Canon 5 of the same Code.”

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