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By Prince Golez

United Nations (UN) Watch, the Geneva-based non- governmental human rights organization, has included the Philippines on its “list of shame” after the country’s representative to the UN voted against a draft resolution condemning Iran for its alleged human rights abuses.

A total of 79 countries voted in favor of a draft resolution, crafted by the Third Committee of the United UN General Assembly, on human rights in Iran.

Thirty-two states, including Manila, voted “no” to the condemnation of Iran’s human rights abuses while 64 abstained.

“It would call on Iran to ensure that no one is subjected to torture — or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment — and to end the widespread and systematic use of arbitrary arrests and detention, including the practice of enforced disappearance,” a UN statement read.

On one hand, Iran’s representative called as “politically motivated” the draft resolution, saying it reflected the behavior of those who manipulate human rights issues.

Other countries who voted against the resolution were North Korea, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Pakistan, Belarus, Eritrea, Russia, Oman, China, Cuba, India, and Iraq among others.

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