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PH should strengthen US alliance, Carpio tells Duterte


After getting threats of war from China, President Rodrigo Duterte should rethink who his friends should be.

“China’s blatant threat of war against the Philippines demands that the Philippines strengthens its defenses and alliances,” said Supreme Court (SC) Justice Antonio Carpio in a statement.

“In particular, the Philippines must strengthen its alliance with the United States, the only country with whom the Philippines has a mutual defense treaty,” the magistrate stressed.

Even though he prefers befriending China, Duterte got a warning of war from the country after he declared his intent to extract gas and oil from the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Carpio assured the United Nations Charter recognizes “the right of states to mutual self-defense against armed aggression.”

“The Philippines can ally with the United States because the United States does not claim the West Philippine Sea or any Philippine territory,” he argued.

“The Philippines cannot ally with China because China wants to grab for itself the West Philippine Sea and the Spratlys,” Carpio warned.