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PH Taekwondo Association puts Ateneo to shame by condemning bully


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The Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) has condemned the student of Ateneo De Manila University Junior High School (ADMU JHS) for using the sport to bully his classmate.

In a statement, the PTA said it condemns any form of misbehavior which includes harassment, bullying and acts of violence.

“This is not what taekwondo instills to its practitioners and is a serious matter that we as an association stand against,” it said.

While ADMU has already launched an investigation into the bullying incident, PTA said it will also probe the matter on its own.

“The Philippine Taekwondo Association will respect the school’s disciplinary action with the implicated students,” it said.

A video showing a bully from ADMU JHS beating up his classmate inside a restroom in the school has gone viral.

The two-minute video showed the bully taunting then punching and kicking his victim. From the bully’s stance, it appeared that he had knowledge of martial arts.

Various social media posts have identified the bully as a member of ADMU JHS’ taekwondo varsity team.

Two other videos showing the bully hurting and humiliating other students have been posted on the internet.

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