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Pics don’t lie: Bongbong’s camp insists outing of PET, Robredo revisors is wrong

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It’s now the turn of the camp of former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to accuse Vice President Leni Robredo of lying about the Laguna outing issue.

“To date all she has are alibis and more lies. Huling huli na nagpapalusot pa,” said Marcos lawyer Vic Rodriguez.

Marcos has asked the Supreme Court (SC), sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) to investigate the June 24 outing in Pansol, Laguna which he said was attended by one of her party revisors, Osmundo Abulayan, and a group of PET officers and revisors.

Marcos told the PET that the act is prohibited under the law as he accused Robredo trying to influence the PET officers and revisors who are involved in the recount of his election protest against her.

However, Robredo on Wednesday (July 11) filed before the PET a counter-manifestation regarding the outing which said that the his camp also got invited to the outing and even sent snacks.

She said closed circuit television (CCTV) footage at the SC will show that the Marcos camp did send the snacks.

“We challenge Mrs. Leni Robredo to go ahead and produce such footage provided it is authentic and not another product of her many lies,” Rodriguez said.

“We have shown pictures of how she has corrupted PET HR’s and pictures don’t lie,” he pointed out.