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Pilipinas o Amerika? F. Sionil José dares Maria Ressa to declare ‘singular loyalty’

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National Artist for Literature F. Sionil José has challenged Rappler CEO Maria Ressa to declare where her loyalty lies following allegations her social media firm has been funded by foreigners.

“Rappler CEO, Maria Ressa declared herself both a Filipino and American citizen. Perhaps it is time she revealed her singular loyalty,” José said in a Facebook post titled “Foreign funding for Philippine media.”

José, a world renowned novelist, recalled that he was once accused of being an American spy but sued his critics for libel and won.

“In 1960 I got a grant of US$10,000 from the Congress for Cultural Freedom, an international organization based in Paris to start a quarterly journal called Solidarity. It turned out later that the Congress was funded by the CIA. I was accused in media of being a CIA front,” he said.

“I sued for libel and won. In my defense, I read the Solidarity editorials which proposed the abolition of Parity and the American Bases in the Philippines. I also espoused the destruction of the Filipino oligarchy and a Filipino nationalist revolution,” he said.