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Pinabayaan kasi ‘Maleta Gang’: Palace rejects MIASCOR appeal on termination


President Rodrigo Duterte is standing his ground on his order to terminate the contract of MIASCOR Groundhandling Corp.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said Duterte rejected the appeal of MIASCOR which claimed that it had terminated and charged the six employees responsible for the looting in Clark Airport.

Roque noted that MIASCOR management has tolerated the thievery by the “Maleta Gang” for too long and the Clark incident was just the final straw.

“There is nothing to appeal as government has no existing contract with The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA)’s lease and concession agreement contract with MIASCOR has already expired (March 2017). In light of the recent directive of the President, the position of the MIAA is not to renew the contract following its expiration because of many cases / instances of pilferage, both in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Clark International Airport,” he said.

“These include the theft committed to the wife of a Turkish diplomat and the alleged involvement of a MIASCOR supervisor with illegal drugs,” he added.

MIASCOR appealed to the President noting the adverse impact of the termination to their 4,000 employees. But Roque said former MIASCOR employees would be absorbed by other groundhandlers.

“We are concerned with the workers but we cannot give their employer a concession on that basis alone, considering all the theft incidents by MIASCOR. Having said this, qualified MIASCOR personnel will be absorbed by other existing ground handlers. The fact is the jobs are there so these will be filled up either by new hires or qualified staff from MIASCOR,” Roque said.


We have to look at the bigger picture: Our national interest is of paramount importance. In particular, we need to protect airport travelers from baggage theft, especially overseas Filipino workers who work so hard to earn a living, and to make sure that potential tourists and investors are not turned off by such incidents at the airport,” he added.