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Ping bares why public should know about Duterte’s health


The President’s health is a public concern, and not just of him or his family alone.

On this note, Sen. Panfilo Lacson said Malacanang should disclose the state of President Rodrigo Duterte’s health, if only to quell speculation on the matter.

“The health of the president of any country is not his or his family’s private affair alone. It is a matter of public concern. Having said that, it behooves Malacañang to disclose the current state of health of the president if only to quell any speculation about his health. The public deserves nothing less,” he said.

Besides, he said the public will understand Duterte has been exposed in recent weeks to “all kinds of stress and physical exhaustion” due to the numerous problems facing the country.

Duterte has also been under stress due to soldiers who died in the fighting in Marawi City being transported in coffins by military aircraft, “with all the grieving families waiting to bring them to their respective provinces.”

“That indeed is very stressful,” Lacson said.

Speculations on Duterte’s health spread after he did not make public appearances this week. Malacanang on Thursday posted photos of Duterte to amid the speculations on his health.


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