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Ping doesn’t want just Bikoy’s word on Trillanes, LP plot: Show proof of meetings, communication

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Senator Ping Lacson is not about to fall for Peter Joemel Advincula’s confession that he connived with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and the Liberal Party to cook up the “Bikoy” anti-Duterte videos.

Lacson is demanding tha Advincula show proof of his meeting and conversations with Trillanes and the LP after peddling not once but twice a pack lies first to discredit the Aquino administration and recently the Duterte administration.

“As far as I am concerned being a former law enforcement officer with quite good experience in intelligence and investigation Bikoy has to show more than just a narration of what he says now as the real facts,” said Lacson in a statement.

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“He suffers from a credibility problem that he must overcome if he wants to be believed this time. He can only do it by presenting solid and substantial proof of his alleged meetings and regular communication with the people that he is now turning the tables on,” he added.
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