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Ping to miss mistah and ‘quorum buddy’ as Gringo bound for DICT

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He will be missed as a quorum buddy.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson said this Friday of Sen. Gregorio Honasan, who has accepted the post Department of Information and Communications Technology head.

But Lacson, in a post on his Twitter account, also said Honasan should by now have replaced his old mobile phone.

“With his impending transfer to the DICT, I will miss Sen. Gringo in the Senate for many reasons including being my perennial quorum buddy in all my committee hearings and vice versa. By now, I assume that he has ‘ditched’ and replaced his Jurassic cell phone unit,” Lacson said in a tweet.

Earlier Friday, Honasan said he is accepting the task of heading the DICT.

Lacson and Honasan are classmates in the Philippine Military Academy Class 1971. Both are also part of the Senate’s “macho bloc” along with Senate President Vicente Sotto III.