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Piss off, Trillanes! Sara Duterte to run for president if he won’t leave her alone


Don’t mess with this lady politiko.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio is furious at Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for dragging her name in his bitter feud with President Duterte.

Sara, in a Facebook post, warned Trillanes to leave her alone or else he and his minions would become a billion pesos poorer just to bring her down in the 2022 presidential elections.

Trillanes earlier said the President might let Sara run for president so he could cling on to power.

“LEAVE ME ALONE, Senator Trillanes…my advice to you is not to think of me, speak of my name, not even a whisper of Inday Sara from your ugly lips. Leave me in peace in Davao City or else you and your friends will spend more than a billion in the 2022 Presidential elections just to make me insignificant,” she said.

“Let me repeat, do not bother me and my slot will be available for a yellow Senator for the 2019 elections,” she added.

She said while her father thought Trillanes would be shot, she wants the senator to be “alive and in pain.”

“I have been described as heartless by my mother, please do not anger me so that you may remain relevant for the future generation. And you should listen to my mother,” she said.


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