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Plastik na, duwag pa! Bruce Rivera disses Cayetano over botched handling of Kuwait diplomatic row


Bruce Rivera didn’t mince any words bashing Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano over the Philippines’ diplomatic row with Kuwait as the crisis continues to escalate.

In a Facebook post Friday (April 27), Rivera slammed Cayetano for saying that the Philippines didn’t break any Kuwaiti laws when it rescued a maid allegedly abused by her employer in the Gulf state.

The rescue was caught on video and shared by the Department of Foreign Affairs to the Philippine media, angering Kuwait.

Rivera said Cayetano should not have apologized to Kuwait over the rescue mission if he thought there was nothing wrong about it.

“If you are pretty certain that we did not commit anything wrong, why the hell did you apologize and take it back. It makes us look even more insincere and makes us doubt even more your leadership dynamics,” he said.

Rivera, a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, said Cayetano appears worse than former President Benigno Aquino III, who was known for his reluctance in issuing an apology.

“The last time I remember someone having a hard time saying sorry was PNoy. So bad, he could not muster to even be sad for the SAF44. At least PNoy never said the word. You, on the other hand, managed to verbalize the apology and later on contradicted it,” he said.

The diplomatic row between the Philippines and Kuwait has led to the expulsion of Philippine Ambassador Renato Villa from the Gulf state and his declaration as a persona non grata.

The DFA also confirmed that Kuwait issued arrest warrants for three Filipino diplomats, while four Filipino hires are in detention over the rescue mission.

Rivera said he is “bothered” by Cayetano’s “insincerity” in protecting the Philippines’ interests because it reflects on Duterte.

“Kung sanay kayo ng mga tropa niyo ng kaplastikan, yung tipong pagnakita ako ng mga tao mo ay panay ngiti sa akin tapos sisiraan pagtalikod ko, hindi ka po magrepresent kay PRD kasi hindi siya plastic and hindi siya sanay sa plastikan,” he said.

As a parting shot, the abogado sneered at Cayetano for thinking he could be the country’s top diplomat with flying colors.

“Dati nagtaka ako why leave the Senate to be with the DFA. Ngayon, alam ko na. Akala mo kasi kaya mo,” he said.