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PNG prime minister Peter O’Neil ‘excited’ to meet Duterte


By Prince Golez

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill of Papua New Guinea is excited to meet with President Rodrigo Duterte, according to Philippine Ambassador Bienvenido Tejano.

From Singapore where he participated in the 33rd Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit, Duterte arrived in Papua New Guinea Friday morning to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Economic Leaders’ Meeting on November 17 and 18.

“The excitement here does not only involve the FIlipino COmmunity. Even the Prime minister himself, every now and then when we meet he would always ask me, ‘Make sure President Duterte will come’. I said, ‘He made a commitment and he always fulfills his committmenet’. So, the country is excited,” said Tejano in an interview with Radio-Television Malacañang.

He added, “This is highly significant because since Papua New Guinea gained its indepedence from Australia, their leaders, the heads of the states and the prime ministers have been visiting the Philipines, and they have been looking forward when there was a reciprocal visit. But, since their independence until now, there has never ever been a leader of the Philippines that has visited this country.”

Meanwhile, Tejano said that Port Moresby governor Powes Parkop is proposing to forge a sister city agreement with Duterte’s home city of Davao.

“The city governor of Port Morsbey, we just had a meeting the other day. He was saying, ‘Please give me a chance to shake hands with your President’. I said, ‘Why’. He said, ‘He’s my idol’,” the ambassador added.

“In fact, he’s been telling me since we’ve known each other if there will be a chance for him to propose to the City of Davao to become a sister city of Port Morsbey. I don’t know, maybe it can happen sometimes in the future, and I will also express this to the President.”