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PNoy prefers watching Duterte’s SONA on TV than going to Batasan: It’s too distracting there

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Take it from someone who has delivered the State of the Nation Address six times: Sometimes, the audience inside the plenary hall of Batasang Pambansa prefer to talk among themselves than listen to the speech.

In a recent interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, President Benigno Aquino III explained why he prefers watching Duterte’s SONA on television Monday (July 24) than attend the joint session at Batasan.

“That would be the easiest way to understand everything that’s said there without distraction. When you’re there, the tendency is there would be someone who would be whispering to you [while the speech is in progress],” he said.

Aquino also skipped attending Duterte’s SONA last year even though by tradition, former Presidents are invited to the event.

He was the only living former President who was absent at Duterte’s first SONA.